Sunday, May 13, 2007

Take a Stitch Tuesday and other goings on

I created a garden using Kates Kloths stranded colors and a spare piece of linen for this week's Take a Stitch Tuesday combining basque stitches with cross stitch and stem stitch. I couldn't decide whether it needed another flower or not so I left it as is for now.
My copy of A Pageant of Pattern, the Lentz and Lane book of needlepoint stitches came yesterday. I was able to sit and study stitch variations and admire their incredible illustrations before I went to bed. I remember thinking about paying $200 for that book about 10 years ago, the one I got yesterday is in almost perfect condition -- dust jacket and all -- and only cost me $11 including shipping. I have been stitching on my Ewe and Eye and Friends pea pod scissor fob. I have finished the pea pod and all of the green backstitching which is good since I lost a length of dark green thread; the Anchor colors in their kits are not as easy as DMC for me to replace. I have quite a collection of their scissor fob designs -- stitched, finished and not started. I got them out and photographed them for the Needle and Thread board.

I made sorrel and potato soup tonight to eat during the week, arugula and cucumber salad, cheddar dill biscuits, pasta with goat cheese, asparagus, pine nuts, dill and mustard, and salmon with mustard and dill. The salad was delicious. Half the biscuits disappeared instantly and I liked the pasta but no one else did. We will have strawberry shortcake later for dessert. I have to think of spinach recipes for the rest of the week. . .


  1. Your row of flowers is great. I especially love the middle one.

    I'm glad you got a good copy of A Pageant of Pattern. That book is one of my favorites. I've many sticky notes hanging off the pages with little notes to try this and remember that.

  2. Elizabeth -- thank you for my first comment ever! I am glad you like my flowers.