Sunday, December 16, 2012

Anne Depauw finished

I finished one of my oldest UFOs this weekend.  I first got bogged down with all of the over one stitching in the verse, then again in the satin stitch rows at the bottom.  After Nicola announced her Scarlet Letter Year, I decided that I should stop making excuses and finish Anne before the end of the year.  So here she is:

My next Scarlet Letter is the Jennings Band Sampler.  It is similar to Anne but it does not have as many pattern rows.  I started it last night.  Hopefully I will finish in less than 22 years.


I finished Marilyn Owen's Ornament Quartet, one of the projects in the ANG Chapter Project book.  It was the education program for a Cyberpointers meeting.  I even finished the individual pieces as ornaments.

 I also finished all of the lesson 1 stitching for Terry Dryden's Moroccan Sands, offered as a Cyberworkshop through ANG.  I love the colors in this piece and I like working on counted geometric designs.
Finally, I continue to work on my kimono.  It was involved in an accident with a cup of coffee and a cat, but none of the stitched areas were damaged.  Here it is half done.  I love the way that the stitch textures and colors work together and in the individual sections.  Many of them look like brocades or patterned fabrics.