Thursday, May 17, 2007

Not all vegetables are green . . .

My third weekly CSA share included dandelion greens, spinach, Japanese turnips, asparagus, chives with flowers, rhubard, and potatoes. The colors are a sharp contrast to the all green share from last week. I am going to use the asparagus for strata for a church breakfast. I have to bring an appetizer on Saturday night -- it will be something with spinach in it. The new issue of Gourmet came today -- the back page features potato salads. Laurie Colwin would be thrilled -- I will have to try one of her recipes as well as the recipe in Gourmet for a potato salad with horseradish. I am open to suggestions for the rhubarb -- in addition to the rhubarb in my share I have a huge rhubarb plant in my yard -- it is outside the electric fence so the dogs can't chew it up and the rabbits don't like it so it is doing very well.
In addition to my vegetable share, I finished stitching Ewe & Eye & Friends Pea Pod Scissors Companion tonight. I have about a dozen of their scissor companion patterns -- two finished as scissor fobs, others stitched but not finished or unstitched. I picked this one for the Cross Stitch Pals May Stitch-a-Long since the theme is kitchen. Instead of stitching something for my kitchen, I decided to stitch something that might be found in my kitchen.


  1. Very cute! Love the little pea pod.

  2. katrina -- I am glad you like the pea pod, it was fun to stitch.

  3. Hi Jenny! I love the Ewe & Eye pattern and your CSA looks amazing!