Tuesday, May 15, 2007

More EQ6 Lessons and some reading

I finished the second lesson in the EQ6 User Manual, my second quilt is show above. I had fun playing with the randomize features and it is cool to watch the computer match the colors you use to real fabrics. I followed the instructions and added the entire wild west library to my sketchbook so the brown fabric with arrow head repeats came up often. It didn't do much for me and the arrowheads detracted from some of the more intricate designs. I will have to go back and play some more when I have time.
I looked at the Take a Stitch Tuesday selection for this week -- Butterfly Chain -- and I am thinking barbed wire, multi-colored lines, and porcupines. I am going to think about the porcupine idea some more -- it could be interesting.
There has not been a whole lot of reading going on recently -- more listening. I listened to The World is Flat while watching gas prices rise to $3.30 per gallon. Then for some escapism I listened to Whiskey Sour, a Jack Daniels Mystery, by Joe Konrath, and started Looks to Die For by Janice Kaplan. Whiskey Sour was a bit violent but entertaining and I liked Jack. Looks to Die For is annoying, one review suggested that the author should have stuck with romance novels. I have moved on to more intellectual listening and have started John Banville's The Sea, the language and images are beautiful but I am not sure listening is the best way to enjoy this book. I am reading one real book, Founding Mothers by Cokie Roberts. The women of the revolutionary generation were quite independent and resourceful.

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