Friday, May 11, 2007

Second Week CSA Share

This week's share is dominated by greens -- spinach (2 bags), arugula, lettuce, and sorrel, with dill, asparagus, pea shoots and bok choy. I am thinking lemon flavored rissoto with asparagus, chinese or thai noodle salad with bok choy, salads, spinach pie, and a spinach omelet. I ate most of last week's share during the week -- I have some potatoes left, a couple stalks of green garlic and some chives. I think that there are some radishes too.

We have had a lot of pretty finches in the yard including some small, very yellow male gold finches. I imagine that soon they will start looking for mates. I love watching them while I sit at the kitchen table. Abel and Holly also love watching them through the glass door. Both dogs, Cain and Abel, like to watch Bob in the yard. Bob the Bunny is out and about this time of year and he knows where the dogs go and where they don't. He looks like he is teasing them by staying just outside of the electric fence boundary and twitching his tail at the dogs.

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