Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Pink Artist and a Lacrosse Cat

On Thursday, I made a 2 inch square beaded and embroidered piece for the The Pink Artist Community Art Doll Project. The title "Hopeful Heart" came to mind as I finished the piece pictured here using hand dyed fabric scraps, gumnuts silk threads, and beads from my stash of leftovers. I will be mailing it off to Alabama today.
The February challenge for the Take it Further Design Challenge is "What am I old enough to remember?" I have brainstormed a surprisingly long list of things that I am old enough to remember and am playing with some ideas for my challenge piece. There are a lot of things that I remember that we don't have any more -- tv sets with tubes, transistor radios, slide rules, rotary dial phones, library card catalogues with real cards, programming computers using punch cards and printing information off on tractor feed printers, etc. There are some things that we used to have that have come back -- I remember that we had a milk man who delivered milk, now you can have Peapod deliver your groceries and in some parts of this area Oberweiss will still deliver milk to your door. I also remember places when they were different -- when we used to go on vacations each town and city had different restuarants and stores -- now they are all the same and they look the same.
Last night, my son left his Lacrosse Goalie Stick out on the couch and our calico cat took it over. Doesn't she look like she is ready to play?


  1. Really great square Jenny, thank you so very much for your contribution. I love that you did not use pink and made this square represent YOU. Just beautiful, the texture, the symbolism, everything is wonderful. I'm HONORED to work with you. ~Monica :)

  2. Hopeful Heart is quite lovely! Job well done : )

  3. Nice Job Love your square.
    Southern Ontario, Canada

  4. love your square, popped mine in the post yesterday. I've been thinking about the TIF as well, so far it's made me feel old :)

  5. It's here, it's here! Your lil beauty is safe & sound (one bead broke off during its travels but I'll see if I can fix that with a match if you'd like me to). Your square is dancing through our parade of squares anticipating what's to come next. Thank you for sharing your art with us! I'll treat it with the greatest of care. xo, Monica