Monday, January 21, 2008

TIF progress and winter stitching

I made some progress on my January project for the Take it Further Challenge today. I have started stitching and have outlined the Spirit Bear and started on the fluid flow lines. I am not using the suggested color scheme because my father would not be able to distinguish the selected blues and greens since he is color blind. I have chosen instead to use colors from the American Southwest where he lives. I am using very simple outline stitches -- stem and split stitch. I have not decided whether I will leave the inside of the bear blank or fill it with stitching. I do plan to add some turquoise and coral beads and the top and some ribbon to tie the bundle of gifts to the bear when I am done.

I also worked on a very simple and quick cross stitch piece today. It is Winter Snows Me, a Secret Needle Night design from The Silver Needle. The different fibers are fun and sometimes it is nice to work on something that can be completed in a couple of hours. While I worked, I watched old movies -- Alice Doesn't Live Here Any More and The Apartment. I love to pick out movies at random from the collection at the public library -- I don't feel like I have to like them or to watch them all because they are free as long as I remember to return or renew them.

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  1. The snowman is too cute! Great job:)