Monday, January 28, 2008

January TIF and more knitting . . .

I finished my Take if Further Design Challenge piece. I used simple stitches and a variety of overdyed threads, some stone beads, and ribbon to stitch the spirit bear and flow visualization lines on a piece of silk dupioni. I still need to add backing to the piece. I think that I will make all the pieces the same size so that they could be made into a book. I used the theme from the challenge and chose my father as the person I admired. He is featured in the "Collectors Corner Column" in the Heard Museum Shop News. He shares his love of dogs and contemporary Native American Art in the article. You can see more TIF Challenge pieces on the Take it Further Challenge blog or in the Flickr group.

I also won the first contest I entered on the Knit the Classics Blog with my pocket for Belinda. I enjoyed reading Belinda and had fun making the Mermaid's Tail Evening Bag. Now I am working on a prayer shawl for the knitting ministry at church. I finished the knitting and now have to crochet 57 little scallops on the edge. I think it may take me as long to complete the crochet border as it did to knit the rest of the shawl. I am using Lion Brand Homespun in Color 329, Waterfall, and a Lion Brand Pattern for an easy triangle shawl. The color is beautiful and the shawl is very soft. However, the yarn seems to snag easily.


  1. Your medicine Bear is beautiful. So did you go with the flow lines or the design in the bear? Regardless there seems to be a lot of energy flowing around the bear which I am sure will help him do his healing.

  2. Very nice, I love the spirit bear, and the flow lines, as well. Great interpretation!

  3. Jacqui -- ended up not trying the needleweaving inside the bear -- maybe next month. I had not thought about the flow lines around the bear providing energy but perhaps they will along with the healing power of water.