Monday, June 04, 2007

This blog is sometimes about books . . .

Last year I read 60 books. This year I have finished less than ten. I still listen to books in the car but I have finished very few actual books. That may be partly because I have picked such long books to read but is may also be because I just do not feel like reading. This is unusual for me and I am sure that it will change.

In the mean time, I have set aside Founding Mothers in favor of Memoirs of Hadrian by Margerite Yourcenar. This was a selection of the bookgrouplist which has now moved on to Ayn Rand. I am sticking with ancient Rome described by the first woman elected to the Academie Francaise. I am cheating in a way, reading Yourcenar in an English translation instead of the original French but it has been 20 years since I finished my BA in French Litterature and I rarely use the language. I find that I can still read French and I can understand a newspaper or decipher a French language web site but I do not use it every day.

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