Tuesday, June 19, 2007

1000 hits . . .

My stat counter says that I have had over 1000 visits to my blog since May 6 when I turned it on. Now that does not mean that 1000 people have visited my blog -- it counts everytime I visit as well as when anyone else does -- but it is kind of cool. It is also fun to get comments and feedback on my blog. Most of the feedback comes from people who visit to look at the needlework and the less conventional pieces from the Take a Stitch Tuesday Challenge, needlepoint pieces, and free embroidery generate the most comments.

Today I am not at home so you will be treated to more pictures of flowers from my garden and some reflections on modern art rather than photos of needlework. The photos of needlework will return. The roses in the previous post are carefully nurtured each year. The galardia in the picture volunteered from seed that traveled from a larger planting. It grew without encouragement or coddling in an unexpected place.

I found another unexpected treasure at the public library -- a book called Pictures of Nothing by Kirk Varnedoe. It is a series of illustrated lectures on Abstract Art -- the discussions of ways of seeing and conveying meaning with a work of art are challenging and interesting to read and have led me to wander to some new locations on the interet. I visited the Richard Serra exhibit at MOMA -- there is even a web version. Jackson Pollock at the National Gallery illustrates the development of his abstract, poured paint style. Even some cool looking fiber art by Susan Taber Avila found by googling "abstract fiber art".

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