Wednesday, February 22, 2012

TAST Week 8: Chain Stitch

The stitch for the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge this week is chain stitch.  I used it to create a flower motif based on an old rhinestone brooch.  My motif was stitched free hand so it is not exactly like the brooch but it is similar.

Instead of stitching a new sampler section, I am sharing part of a sampler that I started many years ago.  There are a couple types of chain stitch in this square which is Walsh silk on linen.

For more chain stitch, take a close look at the bark on the tree.  It is all chain stitch in Needle Necessities and Medici wool.  It is a Sundance canvas with stitch guide and it depicts Telaquepaque in Sedona, AZ.  I remember going there with my parents for lunch when we visited friends in the area or stopped on the way to the Grand Canyon.

The shirt is a high school souvenir.  I had friends sign it and then embroidered over their signatures and drawings.  It includes local high school friends and people I met at French Language camp.  A lot of the outlines were done in very small chain stitch.  This photograph shows most of the back.  About 75% of the writing on the shirt has been embroidered.  There is one sleeve and a couple of other places left to embroider.  



  1. Lovely purple flower, nice to use in some clothing and then wear the brooch.

  2. Very pretty samples. I love the use of the brooch as inspiration! and the sampler is beautiful. Do you like working with the Walsh silks? I've looked at them, but never invested. :)

  3. I bought the Walsh silks a couple of decades ago. I like working with the twisted silk but I don't think I could get more in the same colors so when they are gone, they will be gone.

  4. What a good idea to find inspiration from a brooch! Well done!

  5. Very nice indeed. I like the tree too. Had forgotten about Telaquepaque - visited there years ago... great area, Love Sedona!