Friday, February 03, 2012

TAST Week 5: Herringbone Stitch

This is week 5 of the Take a Stitch Tuesday Challenge.  I have two new pieces and one old one to share.  I think that I stitched the first piece for a previous challenge.  It is closed herringbone with french knot accents. It contains a variety of different sizes and orientations of the stitches. 

 I also created a new free embroidery sample using herringbone, straight stitches, and a wrapped spider web for the eye.  A group of photographers went to take pictures of eagles last weekend.  I went to a high school basketball game instead.  The photos that they shared inspired this bird -- based on the colors of the threads it is really a Phoenix, not an eagle.
I continued with my stitch variation sampler this week using some new threads, adding beads, and using new combinations of stitches to show different herringbone variations.