Saturday, June 26, 2010

Copper River Canyon progress

I have been listening to Charlaine Harris' Southern Vampire mystery series and watching movies while working on Copper River Canyon.  This design by Mary K. Campbell was offered as a cyberclass through Cyberpointers.  I loved the idea of combining beading, blackwork and surface mapping techniques in order to produce a piece of needlework.  I also loved the copper colors in the piece.

Today, I finished beading my river.  I think it is a bit wider in parts than it should be but that will be fine.  Randomly applying the beads to the canvass was a meditative act that went fairly quickly when I sat down to work on it.


  1. Your river looks great! I am hoping to finish mine soon. It is supposed to rain today, so that just might happen :) I found that mine kept getting a bit wider in spots because I was trying to "smooth" the lines.

  2. i really like this beading