Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Copper River Canyon completed

I completed Mary K. Campbell's piece Copper River Canyon last month and am finally posting pictures. The design is based on an interpretation of the topography of a desert canyon presented in thread and beads on canvas. The beads add dimension and texture to the piece. The black work adds depth.   It was taught as a class through Cyberpointers a few years ago.

I added the stitched border around the edges which makes the piece look more finished and complete.  I have not decided how to finish the piece.  I could add it to a bag or make it into a purse, but it would also be attractive inset into a pillow.


  1. Very nice! I'm very close to finishing mine...need to dig it out. The border really does add to it. What stitch did you use for the border?

  2. I used basketweave with the darkest of the waterlillies from the original design. The border is 4 stitches wide.