Sunday, May 06, 2012

Talaquepaque finished

I have mixed feelings about posting this finish.  It is a canvas from Sundance Designs with a stitch guide.  I bought it as a kit when a local needlepoint store wet out of business a decade ago.

The piece is my local ANG chapter challenge from last year.  When I first purchased it, it was intended to be an anniversary present for my husband.  I went to Sedona as a child, and remember when Talaquepaque was first built, my father still owns a print I remember them purchasing there one summer.  I became engaged in Sedona, and probably visited Teaaquepaque on that trip.  I also think I visited it on a family trip to the Grand Canyon with the kids.

The piece itself was kind of a pain to stitch.  I am not a fan of chain stitch on canvas, I would prefer to work that type of stitch in hand but that is why the tree trunks are made of.  The rayon boucle for the leaves o the trees shredded and I had to buy more.  There were too many lines on the line drawn canvas and the windows and wall above the door don't match the photo of the original piece.  But it actually looks very good and is a very pretty piece.

Sedona itself  is now so built up that the remote Oak Creek Canyon paradise where I caught frogs and picked up pieces of sand stone is now gone, and the marriage is ending.  In any case it is finished.

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