Friday, November 18, 2011

Jim Wurth Versailles Frame Weight Finished

I finished my version of Jim Wurth's Versailles Frame Weight this week.  It is beautiful and the bright gold and copper look every rich and opulent.  I used larger beads than the pattern called for but the triangular beads sparkle more than the other shapes did.  The threads are the Rainbow Gallery and Kreinik metallic called for in the pattern except for one of the coppery orange colors.  I found a skein of Gumnuts that was the perfect color.  This was an on line class through The Shining Needle Society.  I finished it myself and used a piece of wool felt on the bottom.


  1. Jenny your Jim Wurth frame weight is beautiful - too pretty to be used - well almost! I found your blog thru your SNS post - I read back thru your last few posts and I love the NP rug you picked up at ANG and your Vanessa doll canvas is very sweet and also your story about your mom's porcelain doll. Melody

  2. Very beautifully!!!