Saturday, August 18, 2012

Space for all Species

I started cleaning the spare bedroom that I use as a sewing room yesterday and went through my books and collections of needlework projects.  I pulled out a few that were mostly done but had not been completed and put them in a basket that I set downstairs next to my armchair so that I would work on them.  Last night I finished this one.  It is Space for all Species, an adaptation of a KD Harper poster.  The adaptation was published by KD Artistry.

The piece was a 2006 Round Robin from the Cross Stitch Pals board on EZ Board.  It was returned to me incomplete several months after the round robin should have ended and was missing some of the threads needed to complete it when it came back.  It took a while for me to purchase the missing thread and unite it with the project.  Then it took me more time to take the project out and finish it.  I thought I was done last night until I noticed that the bows on the kite string weren't thread, they were yellow satin ribbon.  I bought the ribbon while I was out running errands this morning, and added it when I got home.  Now the piece is finished. Tomorrow, I will clean it and iron it and maybe take some better pictures.

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