Wednesday, April 18, 2012

TAST Week 16: French Knots

French knots are a familiar stitch.  I have used hundreds of them to make a sheep, added them to other TAST pieces as embellishments and played with different numbers of threads and tightness of knots.  I used them to create some cattails and a dragon fly, common sights in the Forest Preserves in the area.

I also used French knots to illustrate some elements of the natural world -- the constellation Orion that I have been observing in the night sky for many years, a caffeine molecule, and one of George Gamow's illustrations of the cosmic big bang.  I have been thinking about cosmology, physics, and bio-chemistry recently as I read Ordinary Geniuses by Gino Segre.


  1. A good stitch to illustrate the constellation orion. Creative and good move. Keep going.


  2. I agree with Shami, knots are great to illustrate stars in the sky.

  3. using french knot to represent a constellation is a ver good idea !

  4. French knots work out well in the scientific world...also very futuristic! Cool ideas for embroideries. Eye opening for me!