Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Large projects

 I like working detailed projects on high count even weave and have a collection of started projects, large and small.  This photo shows one quarter of the design, stitched with gloriana silk.  The color is beautiful, the piece is intricate and detailed and it looks beautiful.  I love the colors and I love the design.  It is fun to stitch on for a while and then becomes boring -- it may be the only large monochromatic piece I will ever stitch.

My other large project is just the opposite, it is a large needlepoint rug on 13 count canvas.  The colors are vibrant and full of life.  It was someone else's UFO and was brought into an ANG meeting and offered to anyone who wanted it.  I have been working on large count, straight forward needlepoint this year so I brought it home.  I am working my way through the flowers one color at a time and am almost done with the pink ones.  It is possible that if you calculated the total stitches in the two pieces that they are the same, the only difference is one of scale.  Working on both pieces is a relaxing, almost meditative activity and finishing each flower and each medallion gives me a sense of accomplishment.

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