Monday, February 21, 2011

Square dance progress and vacation

I was ambitious at the beginning of the month and I completed the first few lessons on Square Dance, an ANG Cyberworkshop taught by Orna Willis.  I love Orna's use of color and the ways that she finds to combine threads and stitches in her designs.  Square Dance is no exception, it is made up of small squares filled with detailed, layered stitches.  The photo shows my progress so far.  (The neon orange basting threads will be removed before the piece is finished.)

I also went on vacation, my first cruise, my first trip to the Caribbean, and my first trip with my sisters in law.  The islands were beautiful and it was wonderful to be away from the snow with nothing to worry about.  On the ship, everything is taken care of for you, on the islands, the weather was perfect.

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