Sunday, January 24, 2010

Partially finished objects

I am almost finished with my afghan.  All of the squares are done and joined together.  The top lace border is completed, I have the bottom lace border and i-cord on the two sides left.  I am out of Rowan yarn in noir, so I can't finish until I get more.  The yarn shop is also out of noir but they have it on order, so I will have to wait until they come in.   I am very happy with how the afghan has come out.  I enjoyed working out the color combinations and charting the bird in the center.  I am knitting another afghan this year but I selected the colors and ordered all of the yarn at the start.  I ran out too many times while working on this one.

While I wait for my noir yarn to come in, I am working on some old projects.  These include my UFO for the Lake County ANG Chapter which is Lynne Tomlinson's Cabin in the Woods.  I started it 13 or 14 years ago and never finished.  Now, I have a year to finish or I will have to pay the guild $10.00.  You can see from the picture how much progress I have made so far, I think finishing is feasible.  There are two more trees, a top and bottom border and a very simple background.  I am hoping to finish a number of projects this year, I selected two challenge pieces for the Lake Michigan Sampler Guild as well.

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