Sunday, November 30, 2008

Arrowhead Stitch

Here is a sample of my experiments with arrowhead stitch. Looking through my needlework books, I found that there are a number of stitches that are called arrowhead stitch. In this sampler, I have stuck with just those that had no other name. There are several variations of stitch size and orientation here as well as two distinct kinds of arrowhead stitches. One is used as a linear decorative band, the other is a stand alone embellishment that is described as a decoration in fine tailored garments. The samples are stitched using Crescent Colors cotton floss in three colors and Mill Hill beads on an even weave linen.

I also finished my inchies and am ready to send them off to swap. I used Ultrasuede scraps for the backing and sewed it on using nylon filament thread. They are exactly 1" on each side and look very small.

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  1. Hello :-)

    I'm trying to track down the Arrowhead stitch that was used in Elizabethan times. Would you know?
    I'm at

    I'd greatly appreciate your help. I've found one single reference to it's Elizabethan incarnation, just the name and nothing else, and it's very frustrating!


    Megan/Elmsley Rose