Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Take A Stitch Tuesday

A quick post of my Take a Stitch Tuesday samples. First a grid based doodle using left over perle cotton. The picture is a bit crooked but the stitching is not. I used several different combinations of half chevron to form a border -- filled in with wheat ear and then experimented with different stitch sizes. I had to quit when I ran out of thread.
I also experimented with using this stitch for free embroidery on a piece of Silkweaver solo. The fabric color really does not come across well in the photograph -- it is more red. I used some random pieces of Gentle Arts Sampler threads with different ply to stitch with -- the shape is outlined in split stitch and filled with half chevrons and french knots. The idea is a rock or a piece of coral but I think it needs some more work to develop into anything other than a mess.

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